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Ceramic Tiles Make Their Mark

When it comes to choosing tiles for your home, it can be difficult to narrow down your options because there are several available on the market. One of the best kinds of flooring is ceramic tiles because it provides several advantages compared to other options like porcelain tiles or even hardwood floors.

Here are some of the benefits of ceramic tiles:

1) Affordable

One of the main advantages of ceramic tiles is that they’re more affordable than other kinds of flooring. Its cost ranges from $5-10 per square foot, so it’s great for larger spaces. This kind of tile is generally cheaper compared to similar options like porcelain tiles because it uses a less refined clay. Ceramic tiles also have a low life cycle which means they can last you a very long time without having to repair or replace them.

2) Maintenance

There’s no special maintenance needed for ceramic tiles, so it’s great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort cleaning their floors. You can easily maintain them by sweeping or vacuuming any dust and dirt that accumulate on the tiles. Any tough stains, water, and spills can also be cleaned up by mopping the floor. You can even clean these tiles by using a heavy-duty cleaner without having to worry whether it’s causing damage or not.

The tiles are also water resistant, making it an excellent option for kitchen and bathroom floors. Kitchen and bathroom floors are known for becoming wet and dirty easily because of all the liquid that spills on the floor. Ceramic tiles don’t absorb any odors or bacteria either, so it’s why many people choose this kind of tile for their kitchen or bathroom.

For easier maintenance, there’s also an option to install glazed ceramic tiles for your home. Glazed ceramic tiles are more water resistant because it doesn’t absorb any water or liquids that spill on the floor due to its glazed finish. Porcelain ceramic tiles are also available on the market and are a better option if you want more durable and stain-resistant flooring. However, these two options cost more than regular ceramic tiles.

3) Hard and Durable

Ceramic tiles are one of the most durable kinds of tiles on the market and can last around 10-20 years with proper maintenance. It takes a lot of weight for a ceramic tile to break, so you don’t have to worry about any cracks or dents from heavy furniture. This kind of tile is durable enough for commercial spaces, and it’s one of the best options for rooms and areas that have heavy foot traffic since it’s hard and scratch-resistant.

4) Versatile Designs

Another advantage of ceramic tiles is that it comes in several styles, patterns, and designs. This is perfect if you want different looks in various parts of the home. Manufacturers have found new and innovative ways to create new patterns and produce ceramic tiles, providing you with a wide selection to choose from.

Additionally, this kind of flooring can be cut into different shapes and sizes to help fit any part of the home or even provide a more unique style. It can also replicate the look of more expensive tiles like hardwood and natural stone, so you can achieve the look of expensive floors without breaking the bank.

5) Allergen Reducing

Unlike other types of flooring, one of the advantages of ceramic tiles is that it doesn’t easily attract dust, dirt, animal hair, dust mites, or pollen like carpeted floors. This makes it more advantageous for those with allergy concerns related to dust.

And because this kind of flooring attracts less dust, the air in your home becomes cleaner and healthier as well. So unlike carpeted floors, ceramic tiles reduce the allergens in the air and keep your home free from any irritating particles that can cause problems for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

6) Fire-Resistant

Ideally, one of the factors you should consider when buying or choosing tiles is their fire resistance. Fire-resistant tiles guarantee your family’s safety, especially when you have children around.

Ceramic tiles are more fire resistant than other tiles because it’s manufactured at a very high temperature. It doesn’t burn easily even when you drop a lighted cigarette on the floor. This is extremely helpful for kitchens where there is a higher risk of dropping hot pans and skillets. This kind of flooring is also heat resistant, so it’s ideal for homes in warmer climates.

7) Easy Installation

Since ceramic tiles require a bit of ability to install, it’s recommended to have professional construction services to place the tiles in your home. However, most people can do it by themselves. The material is relatively easy to handle, so a few tutorials can help you understand how to properly install the tiles in your home. This advantage comes in handy in the event of a crack on the floor, you can easily replace the broken tile by yourself so make sure to keep some spare tiles in case this happens.