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The following article by Beth Newcomb, January 2008

Get More FLOOR

Taken a look down lately?  Your carpet and flooring is groaning with age.  But before you set out to the local big box home store to replace what's underfoot, you'll want to make a special side trip--to Quality Carpet and Flooring And owner Bob Gaither isn't afraid to say it--nobody can touch is brand of excellence.

Located off the beaten path on Akron-Peninsula Road, Quality Carpet and Flooring has been pulling the rug out from beneath the competition for the past 55 years.  And while other operations have pulled up stakes and high tailed it out of town, his sales are soaring.

"Carpeting and flooring is a major purchase.  Most people don't drive around on a Sunday afternoon and decide to replace their Berber."  Bob says with a grin.  "It's a big decision and more times than not, you want to go where a friend has recommended.  Most of my business is referral based."

And that's a testament to Bob's unwavering commitment to providing his customers with competitive pricing, better products, and the power of a half-century of experience behind him.  "Everything I do is with my name and reputation in mind.  I'm in this business for life.  I'm not going to close in five years.  When people come to me, there's an automatic level of comfort in knowing that", he insists.

Keeping current with the market trends helps bring people in the door.  And offering competitive and often lower prices than the big box stores, is what makes them stay awhile.  "I have the advantage of being a member in an elite floor covering network, " Bob explains.  "Together, other small business like myself have significant buying power, and that calculates into much better pricing for the customer."

He also has the advantage of sharing industry knowledge with his colleagues in the group, which helps him to stay ahead of flooring trends.  "Because I'm a small business owner, I don't pay franchise fees.  I don't pay premium rent to be in a big plaza, and I don't have a huge advertising budget.  All of these things translate into savings for the customer," he offers.

Because Bob is a master installer, his measurements are taken with your bottom line in mind.   "I can often help the customer save a few yards because my measurements are so precise," he smiles.

The friendly staff is made up of Bob and two other employees.  Bob approves every single job to ensure accuracy before it even goes out the door.  "I've assembled a crew of top-notch guys who have been doing my installation for many years.  They are the best in the industry.  I refuse to skimp on quality installation.  It doesn't benefit anyone to save a few pennies on cheap labor," he emphasizes.

It's exactly this kind of commitment to excellence that has garnered Bob his well-earned reputation.  His newly-remodeled showroom is compact but efficient.  Inside you will find a generous assortment of carpeting, ceramic tile, laminate, hardwood, and vinyl flooring choices.

And because he's got selection down to a science, you'll have the pleasure of previewing the latest Frieze' style carpeting, and The Green Advantage series of eco-friendly hardwood products. 

Bob even determines which brands to carry based upon company longevity.  "I carry Mannington hardwoods and laminates because the company has been around longer than I have,"  he chuckles.  They aren't going anywhere, either."

That translates into a better buying experience because in the unlikely event that your require servicing for your purchase some years down the road, the guy you bought it from--and the company he bought it from--will both still be around.

 "We listen to you first," Bob concludes.  "We're here to help you get what you want, not what we want.  The bottom line is that we've got the best products, with the best installation, for the lowest cost."